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One Home Update

It seems like forever ago that we had Commitment Sunday! We just wanted to say Thank you Live Oak for believing in our vision! Our commitment cards total $1.2 million! And to date we have received $252,000!

If you didn't get a chance to submit a commitment card, you can still join us on this journey!

One Home Commitment
May 19th @ 7:00pm

Financial Zoom Huddle

We haven’t lost our hope, and you shouldn’t either. We’re going to get through this, folks. Emotions are running high surrounding the coronavirus, and it feels like there’s so much uncertainty. But you don’t need to live in fear. The thought of being without a paycheck can be overwhelming. But we don’t want to scare you. We want to give you sensible, level-headed actions to take. But first, step back and take a big, deep breath.
Join Paul Haight and Michael Crom on Tuesday, May 19th, at 7:00pm via Zoom as they discuss ways to help you get through the financial challenge of the pandemic. There will also be time for Q&A.
If you have questions, you would like addressed during our call, go ahead and submit them to

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Live Oak Stories

Mary Zoss

A few weeks ago Pastor Michael asked you to share your stories from the quarantine. How you are keeping busy, who are you serving, how someone is serving you, etc. This week we are highlighting Mary Zoss! Mary has been attending Live Oak for about a year. She walked in and felt right at home after moving here from Illinois. Mary is active on Facebook and noticed that people were asking for masks. Being a quilter, Mary decided that was something she could do! To date she has made 585+ masks! She has given them to the local hospitals, neighbors, out of state friends, family, the Air Force base where her son is stationed, and the senior living facility where her daughter-in-law works. Neighbors knock on her door asking for them! Mary said, "It's lucky I bought all of the fabric I could at an estate sale of an older quilter. When I ran out of elastic, I used bias tape both bought and homemade. I enjoy making them and donating them because it's one way I can give back because I am so blessed." Thank you for demonstrating #recklessgenerosity Mary!

If you have a story about a silver lining, how you made lemonade from lemons, how God has blessed you, how you are serving or being served send them to We would love to highlight you next!

Green Bags

Who says we can't do green bags during a pandemic? Our community still has needs, and one of our values is #recklessgenerosity! Next time you are at Sam's, pick up some stuff for Campbell AME Church's Soup Kitchen. You can deliver directly to AME (25 Boundary St, Bluffton), Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays between noon and 2:00pm. Items needed are large cans of green beans, corn, and bags of shredded collard greens and rotisserie chickens.