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Green Bags – YoungLives

YoungLives reaches teen moms by entering their world, striving to model the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to be the women and mothers God created them to be.

Mission:  Young Lives is a ministry of Young Life that has been in Bluffton/Hilton Head since 2016 and is focused on supporting pregnant and parenting teens (ages 14-20) through mentorship, community, and a life with Christ.  Young Lives has mentors who go where these young ladies are, meet them as they are and believe in who they can be.  Mentors help these young mothers to be immersed in the love of God, build new friendships and to be able to focus on their future along with that of their child/children

Support: It’s no secret that the teen years can be rough, and for some girls, the standard turbulent emotions and raging hormones are just a small part of the struggle. They are girls who have had a baby and are parenting alone. They are girls who are pregnant and considering their options. THESE GIRLS NEED A LITTLE EXTRA HELP. These girls need a person to come alongside them bringing compassion, advice, and spiritual direction- someone who won’t cast stones, but will write a message of hope in the sand.

Green Bag Wish list:  Little Swimmers – various sizes, Diapers – small packs –       sizes 2, 3, 4, Wipes, Board books for toddlers, $5.00 gift cards for McDonald’s or Starbucks, Macaroni and Cheese, Dried Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Green Beans, Peanut Butter, Fruit Spread, Pasta Roni, Rice a Roni, Go – Go Squeeze apple sauce and other flavors, Tuna, Cheerios & Goldfish

Ukraine Support

We will be sending another financial gift to the Ukraine next week.  Sunday, May 8th, will be the last day to donate to this fund.  If you are interested in donating, you can give through the Live Oak Christian Church app or write a check and note it is for the Ukraine.


Ladies, if you are craving community, ready to make deep, long lasting friendships, an If:Table might be for you!  So what is an IF:Table?  It is a tool that

  • Creates a regular rhythm of connecting with a group of women
  • Helps you stop the small talk, fight past the awkward, and find authenticity
  • Gives opportunities for God to display His love to other women through you
  • Opens your eyes to living a more connected life to all the people in your places
  • Is really fun!

Check out the GroupLife tab on the app and see if there is a table that fits your schedule.  And come join the conversation!


Thank you Live Oak!  Last Sunday, Student Ministry boxed up a total of 1467 pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls!  #generosityourprivilege