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Easter Service (04.04.21)

Who are you inviting to our Easter Service on April 4th?  We are having one service on our State Street Property at 10:00 am!  We would love to see that field filled up to hear about the resurrection of Christ!

Stimulus Giving

Just as a reminder, if you have received a stimulus check and you do not need the money, you can donate it to Live Oak! We will only use it for compassion/benevolence fund or One Home!  Did you know, you can even split it up if you would like!  When you give on line, you pick where you want the money to go.  Once you select the first category, you can click on add donation and select a second category.  You choose the amount that you want to give for each category.  Pretty simple.  If 100 families donated $1000 from the stimulus check, that is $100,000.  Think of the impact that would make in our community or on our One Home project. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO GENEROUS AND FAITHFUL!  #recklessgenerosity

Spring Relaunch (04.11.21)

On April 11th, we will go back to 3 services!  This gives us the opportunity to continue to allow some social distancing and you some flexibility on when you want to attend!  Services will be at 8:00 (Golfer’s service), 9:15 and 10:45 at Bluffton School of Dance.  Kid’s Ministry will be available at both the 9:15 and 10:45.

As a reminder we will continue to follow the town ordinance requiring masks at all 3 services.  Registration will also continue at this time.

FORWARD in 2021

If you haven’t had a chance to see the videos being done by some of our members, you are truly missing out on some great encouragement!  You can go to the website here to check them out.  They are published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  You can also sign up for the weekly email that includes links to each video.

The Together Team is coming together and will have some events scheduled soon both inside the church and out in the community.  We hope everyone will find something where they can participate!