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The Andrews Family

We’ve lived in Bluffton a little over 10 years. We moved here right after we got married to run the golf cart dealership that Ben’s dad had purchased. Club Car of Hilton Head is our family business, and we are so thankful for our customers and employees who have kept us going through 2020. During our first 6 years here, we had attended a different church. However, we felt that it was time for a switch. After an extensive search and several visits, we landed at Live Oak. 

We were searching for a church with authentic community where we could grow in our knowledge and relationship with Jesus through the study of His word. Live Oak has been that for us. When people ask you questions or speak to you at church, I truly feel it is not out of obligation, but instead out of a genuine desire to know you and care for you. This hasn’t always been the case in our experience, and we are so thankful for this church community. 

We have been a part of the Live Oak family for around 4 years now. I serve at the check in booth and Ben teaches elementary aged kids during Sunday School. He has loved getting to know the kids, develop relationships with them, and watch them grow in their faith. Our own two children have been immensely blessed by the kids’ ministry here. The teachers and nursery workers love the kids so well, and their joy is contagious. Our kids absolutely love coming to church! There is a lot to love about Live Oak and we are happy to have found our family.