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Chillian Marshall-Baker

I found Live Oak Christian Church because I wanted to dedicate my daughter to the Lord. I googled a few churches in the area, and Live Oak was the one I decided to go to. I went to the website and signed up for the dedication ceremony along with the Starting Point class. I came to find out that the Starting Point class had been cancelled because the church was having a picnic instead. With my changed plans, I was waiting on an Uber to go home after service. That is when Mrs. Ruthie Wiggins offered my girls and me a ride to and from the picnic. We decided to take her up on the offer and the picnic is where I got to connect with other members including Judy Shifflett who I now refer to as “A God Send.” 

From that moment on, everyone has been so generous to my family in one way or another. When I got an apartment, the House Church assisted me in getting all the things that we needed. Mrs. Tishanna Conley and her family even helped with the delivery and arrangement of my furniture. At one point, I was so overwhelmed with all of the boxes and bags that Mrs. Tishanna said to me, “just show me where you want your things.” Before I knew it, everything was in place. If I ever needed a ride, a babysitter, or you name it, the Live Oak community was there for me. These wonderful people are always ready to serve. 

When Mrs. Marie Graves learned that I didn’t have a car, her response was “we have to fix that.” Her response has stuck with me to this day. Mr. George Graves organized the buying of my car with contributions from fifteen families in the community. I hadn’t even met three quarters of them. Talk about selfless generosity! Six months later and I am still in awe! I no longer have to wait on an Uber to take me where I need to go. Praise God! 

“Love God, Love People, and bring the two together.” That is Live Oak’s mission statement, and I believe that they are killing it. Not only is Live Oak loving, but their teachings are biblical and hard hitting. I have always found something to take away from the messages. On April 26th, 2020, I was finally able to attend the Starting Point class and became an official member of Live Oak Christian Church. The church has given me a sense of belonging and I no longer feel like I am just a face in the crowd. What I like most is that I feel like I can come to Live Oak as I am, and I would never be judged. Live Oak feels like family and I am so excited to be serving alongside them.